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Do you seek out comfort?

We all do it. And for the most part, that’s totally fine! When picking out clothes, we go for comfort. When buying a new bed or furniture, it’s generally a good idea to choose based on comfort. In these types of cases, going for comfort can have extremely therapeutic effects and even improve your overall daily outlook.
But comfort can also be damaging, and you might not even realize it!

Comfort is a silent killer!

I know that sounds really dramatic, but in many ways it’s true! The idea of comfort sounds appealing, but when it refers to life it could be the very thing that’s keeping you right where you are.
Comfort keeps you from leaving that same job you’ve had for years. Comfort locks you into a relationship you’re unhappy with. Comfort stops you from traveling to new places and meeting new people!
In the workplace, comfort makes you boring and it can get you replaced without warning. In a relationship, comfort kills the spark that brought you together in the first place. Eventually one of you will seek that excitement somewhere else.
Neither of these are ideal conclusions, but the good news is you can prevent it by finding comfort in discomfort!

Yes, the solution comes back to comfort!

The problem is fear! The fear of the unknown or unfamiliar will keep you from making moves that can change your situation. And of course, if you don’t change… nothing else will change.
But what if you could come up with a way to feel rewarded for taking fear-based action?
This means… taking action even when your deepest fears tell you not to. It sounds crazy, right? In some ways, it’s extremely counter-intuitive… but that’s the point. Your intuition can keep you cemented to a life that won’t serve you or your goals. It’s time to re-wire your intuition and start finding comfort in the idea of discomfort!

7 Steps To Find Comfort In Discomfort

1. Turn to meditation or prayer to clear your mind of the fear that’s holding you back.
2. Keep a journal to express your feelings of tension or fear. This will help you organize your thoughts, make a plan, see your path, and relieve pressure.
3. Make it a habit to reward yourself. This will help you make a positive connection between taking risks / working hard and the feeling of success.
4. Get someone else involved by sharing your journey with a friend or mentor. They will keep you motivated, and they might even join along!
5. Take “easy breaks”. These are opportunities to take care of tasks that you’re already a master at. It will refresh your feeling of success, and it will remind you that you’ve already worked hard at growing past prior fears.
6. Dive in head first. Don’t tip-toe around your discomfort… jump in and let it cover you. It will be more stressful, but you’ll get a clear picture of what’s ahead and how to grow past it.
7. Set small goals to strive for along the path to your ultimate goal. It’s going to be hard, and it’s going to take time. Make meaningful stops along the way that serve as milestones so you can celebrate your hard work and refocus before moving forward.
Life is definitely unpredictable and sometimes you can feel like you never know what’s coming next. Being complacent can leave you in a “repeat mode” where you only do things you’re used to. This will prevent you from learning, from growing, and from being truly happy.
It’ll take some practice, but I promise the 7 steps above will help you break out of this habit. Take it one day at a time. Little by little, you’ll find yourself doing scary things all the time… and that will create a life where you live in your power!
Now get out there and forget comfort exists!
With all my ❤️,


As one of the nation’s acclaimed Emergency Medicine Physicians, Dr. Stephanie Burgos is also a best - selling author, lifestyle and confidence coach, wellness expert, speaker, and social influencer.

Dr. Stephanie works with women on how to balance mental and physical fitness with personal and professional success so they can renew their energy, restore clarity and rebuild confidence.

You can follow Dr. Stephanie on Instagram and Facebook (@healthyerdoc).


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