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Are you sick of the world screwing with your universe?

We live in a time where information spreads like wildfire. That’s great for staying informed, but what happens if that information is constantly negative? Sooner or later, you might start developing a jaded perception of humanity. When you’ve adapted to always thinking “people suck” or “I hate this / that”, it’s pretty easy to start every day with the wrong mindset!

Even unspoken thoughts have power!

What you think to yourself (enough times) becomes reality. It shapes your outlook and can have lasting effects on your life. This, of course, can be very damaging. Enough negative thoughts and you’ll find yourself stuck in a situation where you’re unhappy, untrusting, unmotivated, uninspired, low on energy, and totally unable to see a way out.
That may not be where you want to be, but your mindset can take you anywhere!
Fortunately, it works both ways! It took time for those negative thoughts to manifest and take effect in your life, so the same goes for when you start cultivating positivity! Strap in because change happens slowly, but you can start feeling the effects of a quick mindset shift right away!

Here are 6 changes you can make right now (and repeat every day) to elevate your mindset and change your life for the better!

1. Keep Your Friends Close. Keep The Positive Ones Closest

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with“. Have you heard this Jim Rohn quote before? It refers to the law of averages, which is the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes. A negative social circle will only serve to give your negative thoughts a place to bounce around and right back at you. In effect, your negative self-talk will become amplified and justified. It’ll have wings, and it’ll take over.
A positive social circle, however, has the power to bounce it’s own positive thoughts your way. It can inspire you to reach for greatness again, and it never hurts to have highly motivated people in your corner! Seek out people who share the same values you want to adopt. You can join groups on social media or even go to local networking events that focus on personal growth.
This may take some time. You will attract those who are like you, so it may be slow at first when you’re first shifting your mindset back to the positive side. Eventually, you’ll find your “tribe”, and making connections will become more second nature.

2. Extinguish Those Old Thoughts

They’re going to try and creep back in… trust me! Ignoring them won’t work. Remember, they’ve become a part of who you are, so they’ll always be there until you literally put them out! You do that by challenging your own beliefs.
Do people really suck, or are you just looking for an excuse to criticize? Is something really expensive, or is it just that you can’t presently afford it? Remember, your reality is shaped by your thoughts! If your thoughts can’t hold up to some basic logical scrutiny, then are they worth maintaining at all?
Think of it as clearing out the clutter and making room for improvements!

3. Immerse Yourself In The Language Of Positivity

Have you ever tried to learn a new language? You can study those textbooks till you’re blue in the face, but nothing makes it stick like total immersion. If you’re surrounded by it all the time, it becomes easier to remember and apply. Eventually, you’ll be able to understand it as well as speak it!
Guess what!? Mindset works the exact same way! If you expose yourself to positive thinking, positive talk, positive learning every day… you will start to change the language of your mind. Your self-talk will start sounding a whole lot more positive and uplifting, and so will you!

4. Check Bad News At The Door

Seriously. Leave it. It’s not going where you’re going and it definitely won’t help you get there! It’s one thing to feel the need to be informed. I get it! I check the headlines every day just like you do, but I don’t dwell on them. If I see a headline that sounds tragic, I skip past the article.
When you open a negatively charged piece of news and consume it, you’re placing your mental energy into something that’s not going to serve you well. The fact is, you can’t change anything about what you’ll be reading so why bother? Choose instead to put your attention and mental energy into things that are positive, and into things you can change! Not only will this help you improve your own life, but you’ll also be helping to change the world!

5. And… ACTION!

Think about that. Nothing happens on a movie set until the director yells “action”. Without “action”, the story doesn’t play out… we don’t get to see the climax, the conflict, the resolution… It could literally be anything our wildest imaginations could invent, but until “action” it’s just a thought.
And what if that movie is your life? You know the way you want the next scene to go, but that’s just a dream until you take action and make something happen! So it’s not enough to just think about how you want to improve. You have to develop an action plan and you have to execute it every single day! Even if you don’t know every step of the way, that’s okay! Figure out the first step and go for it! Keep taking that first step over and over… you’ll get there, I promise!

6. Eat For How You Want to Be

Shifting your mindset is no small feat, and it’s going to require some serious mental focus. But if you’re eating the wrong foods, you could be sapping crucial energy from your body. If you’ve noticed that your sleep patterns are all out of whack, you’ve gained weight, or that you just feel lazy and unmotivated all the time… you might just need to tweak your nutrition and adopt a plan to stay active.
Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of exercise can improve your mindset for the entire day! Not only that but exercising regularly puts your body into a state where it’s constantly seeking ways to create more energy AND manage energy consumption more efficiently. This means, coupled with a solid nutrition plan, you’ll be feeling more energized and your body will get much better sleep at night!

The overall point is that you can take control of your mindset and make small, intentional changes every day to set yourself up for success. A great way to start each day is to stand in front of the mirror and recite your action plan for the day. Putting it out there makes it real, and that’ll help you stay accountable to it. While you’re at it, read or listen to some positive self-development while you have breakfast… or on your commute to the office!
If you begin your day with actions that affirm your intention to elevate your mindset, you’ll be there in no time! The simple act of starting every day on the right foot just might be enough to make you believe the change is already happening!
Here’s to a wonderful, productive day where you knock some goals right out of the park!

As one of the nation’s acclaimed Emergency Medicine Physicians, Dr. Stephanie Burgos is also a best - selling author, lifestyle and confidence coach, wellness expert, speaker, and social influencer.

Dr. Stephanie works with women on how to balance mental and physical fitness with personal and professional success so they can renew their energy, restore clarity and rebuild confidence.

You can follow Dr. Stephanie on Instagram and Facebook (@healthyerdoc).


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