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If you are anyone like me, then you have battled a sugar addiction.
I mean I can straight up eat a package of sprinkles alone!
I think it’s safe to say that most people know that sugar is bad for the body.
But what I want to do is help you understand why it is so bad!

Sugar will make you pack on the pounds!

If you ever wanted to gain 20 lbs of straight FAT on your body, then just eat plain sugar for a month or two and you will see the FAT come on quick!
I would even throw myself out there and say IF sugar did not exist, obesity would not exist. That is how bad it is!
What is even worse is that sugar does not only affect your body fat levels, but also all major organs including the brain!

Sugar is more DRUG than FOOD…

  1. Cutting sugar causes withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Sugar affects the same biochemical systems in your body as morphine and heroin!
  3. Sugar has physically and mentally soothing effects as opiates!

So why is it so fattening?

Well, it contains NO nutrients and it stimulates the production of the insulin hormone which ultimately causes weight gain.
When you eat sugar, you need insulin to be released. This helps the sugar to get into your cells in order to be stored as energy. But you can only store so much energy. When you run out of space, the excess gets stored in your fat cells.

Consider this…

Glucose is a sugar that can be used (metabolized) by every cell in the body. Fructose is also a sugar that is found in FRUIT, but it can only be metabolized by the liver! Because of this, fructose cannot be used as a form of energy throughout the body as glucose can.

*High levels of fructose cause Fatty Liver Disease, which increases Insulin Resistance!

Finally, sucrose is table sugar that happens to be 50% glucose and 50% fructose. It plays a dual role in obesity. The glucose stimulates insulin production while the fructose encourages insulin resistance.

This is WHY Sugar is So bad.

It stimulates BOTH the production AND resistance of insulin!
It’s important to note that this doesn’t happen overnight. Just as with the effects of smoking, it takes years before it becomes obvious.
Just writing this makes me so sad because I personally see so many children in the ER who suffer through conditions caused directly by eating too much sugar!
It’s all a matter of education and commitment! So if you are looking to lose weight or want to better your overall health or the health of your loved ones, then I strongly urge you to consider monitoring your sugar intake. In fact, just cut it out completely!

As one of the nation’s acclaimed Emergency Medicine Physicians, Dr. Stephanie Burgos is also a best - selling author, lifestyle and confidence coach, wellness expert, speaker, and social influencer.

Dr. Stephanie works with women on how to balance mental and physical fitness with personal and professional success so they can renew their energy, restore clarity and rebuild confidence.

You can follow Dr. Stephanie on Instagram and Facebook (@healthyerdoc).


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